Queijaria | Fine Wines & Food Fair



Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro Cardoso has been a cheese lover all his life. Whenever he visits countries known for their cheeses, he enjoys going with his wife to specialty shops to discover new products, indulge in tastings and immerse himself into the craft cheese's stories and characteristics.

Straight from the world of advertising, he began thinking about the idea of opening up a shop in Lisbon entirely dedicated to cheese. He did some research and came to the conclusion that there was no similar shop to the one he had imagined. 

The Queijaria was born in August 2014 looking to stimulate the development of the sector, while at the same time promoting the craft cheese culture. Specialised in Portuguese and international craft cheeses, it is a reference in Lisbon for all the cheese lovers.

It's a multifunctional space featuring over 50 varieties of craft cheeses, produced by cheese masters through the original method handed down from generation to generation. At the CheeseBar you'll be able to calmly taste excellence cheeses, paired with a good wine or craft beer, and at the CheeseShop, you'll be able to acquire as much of your favorite cheeses as you wish.

The Queijaria also offers a wide range of accessories for the cheese specialists, from knives in dozens of different shapes, to boards and cutting machines, to all sorts of crackers, jams, olive oils and delicatessen to accompany the cheese. Besides, of course, the wine and craft beers.


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