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Pablo Alomar Salvioni

Salvioni & Alomar SL.

Madrid, Spain

Pablo Alomar Salvioni is the CEO of Salvioni & Alomar. He is a Certified Sake Professional (CSP) and Advanced Sake Professional (ASP) by the Sake Education Council, in Tokyo.

The history of Salvioni & Alomar dates back to 1840, to Switzerland and Spain. The Salvioni family ran a Tea / Coffee and Grocery business from generation to generation, while in Spain the Alomar family were trading with the Spanish colonies in the Caribbeans, specially focusing on sugar cane. 

In 2010 the 2 names came together and gave origin to a company called Salvioni & Alomar. Aiming to represent a quality name in the F&B business, they focus on diverse premium products from Spain and Asia such as for example Wines, Sakes, Tea and Soy Sauce.