As Cervantes said, “the sky is the limit | Fine Wines & Food Fair

As Cervantes said, “the sky is the limit

As Cervantes said, “the sky is the limit

9 May 2019    —       1 min.

As a famous Portuguese saying goes “No good winds or good marriages ever come from Spain” but yesterday´s dinner proved exactly the opposite!

Guest chef Óscar Velasco (two Michelin stars – Santceloni, Spain) presented first-class cuisine with dishes that not only showcased the creativity but also a respect for seasonality and the product.  Dishes with classic Spanish ingredients, such as Iberian pork, fried rice and horchata de chufa (nutsedge milk) reinterpreted in Oscar’s unique and contemporary way.

The best pairing of the evening were the wines from Barcelona distributor  Vila Viniteca, that accompanied the creations of Óscar e Hans Neuner (two Michelin stars, Ocean at VILA VITA Parc, Algarve). They surprised us with several unique bottles, such as the special red wine produced exclusively by Dirk Niepoort for Vila Viniteca´s 75th anniversary.  

The cherry on the cake was provided by Santceloni’s pastry chef, Montsé Abellá, winner of the Pastry Chef award by the Academia Internacional de Gastronomia. As Cervantes once said, “the sky is the limit” – and yesterday, it was!