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The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

13 May 2019    —       1 min.

A grand finale that took us to the heights of the Swiss Alps.

The last dinner of Fine Wines & Food Fair was literally 5-stars, brought together the talents of Hans Neuner and Andreas Caminada.

From the pinnacles of high-end gastronomy in the Swiss Alps, Andreas Caminada (three Michelin stars, Schloss Schauenstein, Switzerland) joined hands with Hans Neuner (two Michelin stars, Ocean restaurant at Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, Algarve) in the last dinner of Fine Wines Food Fair.  An undoubtedly grand finale as announced on the ninth day of the event!

The brigades were tuned as precise Swiss watches and the ornamented dishes paraded through the night in perfect timing, in harmony with an exclusive Swiss wine selection.

The ingredients were the stars, very fresh, unique and simple, but with a touch of genius in the textures, in the preparation and in the creation. A dinner that was able to stop the time, awakening all our senses, in an evening that will forever remain in everyone’s memory.