A dinner that would make Neptune rejoice | Fine Wines & Food Fair

A dinner that would make Neptune rejoice

A dinner that would make Neptune rejoice

8 May 2019    —       1 min.


Konstantin Filippou (two Michelin stars, Konstantin Filippou, Austria) and Hans Neuner (two Michelin stars, Vila Vita Parc, Algarve), both passionate about the ingredients of the sea, joined a four-handed dinner in the Ocean restaurant on the fourth day of the Fine Wine Food Fair.

The care and freshness of the ingredients as well as the creativity and originality of the creators turned into dishes that would make Neptune, the god of the sea, rejoice. Defiantly and surprisingly, Konstantin's kitchen elevated us to the top of Olympus. As true Gods of Ancient Greece our night was filled with good humor, good conversations and in this council the divine wine couldn’t be missed, it came from Wine by Heart with the harmonization of the sommelier Ricardo Rodrigues.

A toast to the creators of moments like this.